One automated platform for all your backends

From git/docker push to ready high available deployed app

Last.Backend platform

The platform witch helps to build and run something great, something amazing.

The Last.Backend is a platform as a service based on a managed open-source container orchestration system, powered with continuous integration and continuous delivery components. Platform is designed for building, deploying and running modern apps on any dedicated or cloud infrastructure.

Last.Backend orchestration platform

The new and modern open-source container management system with service discovery, overlay networks and more.

Last.Backend orchestration platform

Lightweight but powerfull

Container platform is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It contains a set of technologies like: container scheduling, service discovery, overlay network, container runtime, container images runtime, load-balancing and more. All of these technologies provided in the box and not required for additional research and setup.

Turn your standard infrastructure to modern container based infrastructure

Last.Backend is managing infrastructure with containers. Our container orchestration platform included all set of technologies to deploy, scale and manage hundreds and thouthands of contianers easily.

Internal built-in overlay network with IPVS based load balancer allows to manage complex and distributed apps with few commands or clicks.. You can check it by yourself..

Forget about server management, and focus on code

Opensource is the our way to make Last.Backend better

Last.Backend team is stronge believe in that modern tehcnologies should be in opensource. That’s why we desided to make our main tehcnology to be opensource and open to every developer.

You can check every line of code we made. We are always happy to see new pull request and/or feature request.. We have an instant reaction to every bug you’ve found. That’s really help us to make this platform better every day..

Last.Backend cluster system is the right way to automate all dev processes

You can save a lot of time using our cluster management system. You will have limited computed resources to building, testing and runnig your apps without orchestration cluster provision. Just click and go.


Last.Backend builds and clusters management platform

End-to-end platform for code delivery. The main design of builds and clusters management platform is to handle full cycle of code delivery process: from commit to running app on the server. This platform built in with CI/CD tools, ACL tools, VSC, Docker images registries integrations and much more.. We’ve tried to create a simple user-friendly interface to make DevOps process easier and clear.

Last.Backend genesis platform

Build, Test and Delivery your code automatically!

Build part of the platform is integrated with GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab, but we have own git server for instant deploy without preparing remote repo.

Last.Backend has automation triggers for build and deploy code, based on multiple conditions like tags, branches and others user defined values.

You can customize build and test process as you want, by creating a special .lb.yml file. In this file you can specify multi-stage builds and tests of your code. In additional, you can build your repo in multiple different docker images as you want.

Dashboard, CLI and REST API.. You can use any tool you want..

Yes, we have not only Dashboard to manage your backends. It should be clean by design but powerful as possible. We spend a lot of time to make dashboard userfriendly, ‘cause thought that it will be main tool for infrastructure management.. If you think, that we need to switch focus to CLI - please give us that feedback.

You can do all of operations in CLI, from project creation to logs streaming. REST API is also available. You can create custom solutions using it in your apps..

Access contoll, organization and others kinds of collaboration

If you have a team, you can manage access for them to your project and/or environments. Yeah, It much easier to create apps with teammates where anyone knows have each dev/test env.. This type of dev process is more then 30% faster per standard way..

Create team in a platform, connect slack and focus on code. Last.Backend will send notifications for any kind of platform event.

Connect us in chat if you need more information about teams and organizations.

More the hundreds servers around the world are managed by Last.Backend platform.. More than thouthend containers are running with different apps.. Join this party..