Build, Test and Host your apps in a seconds

Automated cloud infrastructure for your ideas

Last.Backend dashboard

Instantly deploy your source code or Docker images on prepared cloud servers

Last.Backend will take your source code, build and test it, and deploy it as a docker container to the prepared infrastructure. Save your time - focus on code, not on infrastructure tasks.

Last.Backend is a CI/CD platform on the one hand, and automated container cloud on the other

Deploy Static Websites

Have some static HTML files, or built Angular or React application? We have a solution for you. Just push them to Last.Backend and get your website live in few seconds. Connect your own domain if you need it or use technical by default.

You don’t need to setup nginx or other web servers anymore. Forget about configs, ssh-ing or FTP.. That’s 2k19 year - just push. Our Last.Backend platform will take care of it.

Build and deploy source code with linux containers

Golang, Python, Node, Java, PHP and a lot of other technologies we can build and deploy for you. If you have something complex - you can configure your build and test rules as you need. Last.Backend is very flexible.

Git push, GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab - Last.Backend supports all of them. 2 clicks and your app source code will be connected, built, tested and deployed for you.

By the way, you can connect your Slack for instant CI/CD notifications.

Deploy docker images from Last.Backend Hub, Docker Hub and Quay

Ok, If you are Docker container user, we have something for you. Last.Backend has it’s own container orchestration anb build system. We have own secured container registry and integrations with Docker Hub and Quay.

Create app and select docker image for deploy - that’s all you need to do to get dockerized app running. Change container runtime settings as you need, connect container over internal overlay network, attach persistent volumes and much more...

Connect your own servers and deploy apps to your infrastructure

You have your own infrastructure for example.. That’s cool. Power up it with Last.Backend.. Yes, yes, yes! It is possible - provision our opensource container ochestration platform and attach it to Last.Backend. That’s all.

After it you will be able to use your servers like container cloud with resources management and automated deployments, git push and other features.

If you need help with it - ping us in chat, our OPS engineers will be happy to help and save a lot of your time.

Load Balancer and custom Domains for apps accessibility

The world should be able to access your awesome apps. We’ve created a powerful automated load balancer system with custom domain support.

After your app is successfully deployed - attach domain to it and your app will be availble for everyone in the internet. Few simple clicks and no code lines - all is alredy prepared for you.

You can route traffic to different environment stages by subdomain or path rules. It is easy to use but very powerful.

Last.Backend is built on top of its own opensource container orchestration platform

We are always happy to receive feedback, issues and Pull Requests, We are open-minded and have an abitious idea to create powerful and user-friendly system

Learn more about repo here

Create dev or test environment for your project in seconds

Looking for dev/test environment for your project - we have it for you. Add new environment if few clicks. Each environment can be placed on different cloud or hosting provider, or can be on same. Each environment is an isolated namespace on cluster with it’s own configs and settings.

Last.Backend CI/CD supports different kind of technologies

You can deploy static websites, different program languages or docker images. The Last.Backend CI/CD platform can build a lot of technologies automatically, just provide it an application type. If you can not find needed technology - ping us please, we’ll add it ASAP.

Right now CI/CD platform workers are building and testing something awesome. They can build and test your app too!

Last.Backend uses high-quality servers to host your apps. We have a lot of partners across the world

Our OPS engineers with our hosting partners engineers prepared a high-quality infrastructure for you and your applications. It is reliable and monitored 24/7

Last.Backend servers map