The easiest way to

Build and Deploy Containers

One Click Deploy

Build & Run apps

from GitHub & Bitbucket

One Click Deploy

Explore, Fork, Use

open source projects

One Click Deploy

Orchestrate Containers

Manage infrastructure

Automated Builds from GitHub & BitBucket

After commit and Pull Request Last.Backend Build container image and push it to registry

Deploy Containers in one click

Last.Backend is a cloud platform with a pack of features for automated build, containers deployment and quick ship your apps.


Horizontal and vertical

Point & click configuration

Point & click configuration
via Web UI.

One Click Deploy

Containerize your apps
and ship faster

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Automated Builds from GitHub & Bitbucket

After commit and Pull Request Last.Backend Build container image and push it to registry

Out of the box solution

Our easy-to-use dashboard panel and CLI let you spend more time coding and less time managing your infrastructure.


User friendly UI without complex forms. Simple and clean interface with all necessary buttons to build, deploy and manage your apps in new 2k18 way


You can do all operation in your favorite terminal and even some more. We have windows, linux and os’x console client for you.


Free for open source and cheap storage for your build. Private personal OCI format registry with CI and CD.


Deployment templates will help you create production-ready infrastructure just in few clicks


Horizontal and vertical scaling in automatic or manual ways. Create triggers and scaling points and forget about highload - just go have fun.


Restarts apps that fail, replaces and reschedules containers when nodes die, kills containers that don’t respond to your user-defined health check.


Be in touch with your apps via our smart notification system. You’ll never miss any important event. Supports slack. Hipchat and stride will come soon, just ping us.

Metrics and logging

Our platform collects a million events from infrastructure every day. You can see your apps metrics and logs history in web ui or in cli.


It’s important to share resources by work in teams. Common organization workspace, resources and builds.

Publish web apps globally with
a single command and no setup required