Build, deploy and manage containerized apps

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End-2-end ecosystem for containerized apps, from build to scale.
Control-Plane & CLI
Genesis - Control Plane system for infrastructure management. Powered with metrics, logs collectors and notification manager.
Container orchestration
Opensource system for deploying and management containers across servers
Container registry
Opensource system for build, test and secure store your container images
Last.Backend is a cloud platform based on a managed container systems, with a pack of features for automated build, applications deployment, Infrastructure management.
Last.Backend Main Scheme
Build images from source code
Build and store containers
With Container Registry you can store container images, but build them and later test them automatically. System is handle full history of builds with logs and all container image changes.
Deploy, scale and update containers
Deploy & Manage apps in containers
Using opensource container orchestration platform its easy to create and deploy apps in containers.
Manage your containers and images via UI or CLI
Control your infrastructure easily
Our easy-to-use dashboard panel and CLI let you spend more time for coding and less time for managing your infrastructure.
Spend more time for coding, not for managing infrastructure
Automate DevOps processes for your infrastructure. Deliver your code faster, automatically and globally without fails. Containers and container management system allows you spend more time for your product and minimal for infrastructure. Last.Backend helps you build modern, smart and automated infrastructure in few clicks on top of your favorite cloud.
Container Orchestration
Deploy and manage containers across cluster of nodes, by define a desired cluster state. Provision containers and containers sets across a cluster of physical or virtual machines.
Container Builder
Automated container images build process after code changes. Secure storage for built container images. Schedule build processes access cluster of build machines.
End-2-end system
Using combination of technologies provides end-2-end infrastructure management system, from code change to deployed application in production.
Clouds integrations
Create, provision, scale and manage Last.Backend open sources products in few clicks on connected and integrated cloud providers and hosting providers.
Any size infrastructure
Orchestrate containers across different size of cluster, from 1 node to thousands of connected nodes. Design principles allows technology to be flexible to cluster size.
Team & Support
High quality team of engineers works every day to make Last.Backend better and always ready to help you. Support channel provided with github, gitter, email and forum options.