The container cloud infrastructure for your apps with CI/CD

A new and better way to build, test, deploy and monitor your apps.

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End-2-end ecosystem for containerized apps, from build to scale.

Last.Backend is a set of products and technologies, based on container technologies.

Container platform

This open-source system automates the process of deploying and managing multi-container applications at scale.

Container registry

Container Registry is a single place for your team to manage container images with fine-grained access control.

CI/CD platform

Continuous integration and Continuous delivery platform is a powerful system to build and test your source code.

Secrets vault

Vault is a secure point to store sensitive information across your workspaces and cluster.

Templates system

Describe your infrastructure as code with versions and forget about routines works.


Geo-distributed ready-to-go infrastructure hosted and managed by Last.Backend team is waiting for your apps.

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Last.Backend is a cloud platform based on a managed container systems, with a pack of features for automated build, applications deployment, and infrastructure management.
Last.Backend Main Scheme

Automate your development

Build & Test apps from source code
Automate builds across all your GitHub and Bitbucket repos with web hooks on commit and pull request.

After build Last.Backend can automatically deploy your apps to Last.Backend shared, dedicated or personal cluster.

See what’s happening across all your builds via full Build History and Real-time Build Logs.
Deploy & Manage apps in containers
Using open-source container orchestration platform its easy to create and deploy apps in containers.

Built-in integrations with popular Container Registries provides you a simple and quick way to deploy any container image in any configuration mode.
Add any service what your app needs
Add ot your infrastructure any service what your apps need

Templates catalog of pre-configured one-click images and public templates transforms complex apps deployment process into few clicks in the web interface.

Public containers images and deployment templates from the community every day increases total available solutions for your infrastructure. Submit your own and share it with others.
Keep in touch with your infrastructure
Our easy-to-use dashboard panel and CLI let you spend more time for coding and less time for managing your infrastructure.

Built-in notofication system will send a notification to you on every Build or Deployment using your favorite communication channels.
Spend more time for coding, not for managing infrastructure
Automate DevOps processes for your infrastructure. Deliver your code faster, automatically and globally without fails. Containers and container management system allows you spend more time for your product and minimal for infrastructure. Last.Backend helps you build modern, smart and automated infrastructure in few clicks on top of your favorite cloud.


Containers on board
Last.Backend container platform is a managed, production-ready environment for deploying containerized applications. It helps developer productivity, resource efficiency, automated operations, and open source flexibility to accelerate your time to market.
Continuous Delivery
Release software at high velocity with better quality. Last.Backend continuous delivery platform helps you with end-to-end continuous-delivery pipelines, covering all software development stages in the development process.
End-2-end system
End-2-End managed infrastructure out-of-the-box. VM-less fault-tolerance infrastructure with all needed tools for rapid development. Forget about provision scripts and services.
Ready-to-go infrastructure
Create, provision, scale and manage Last.Backend open sources products in few clicks on connected and integrated cloud providers and hosting providers.
Modular structure
Last.Backend is a modular multi-component infrastructure, where you can use only that tools what you really need. Last.Backend can be easily integrated with already working infrastructure and services.
Team & Support
The high-quality team of engineers works every day to make Last.Backend better. We are always happy to help you. Support channel provided with GitHub, Gitter, email, and forum.

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