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Containers are now the main way to application distribution. It's hard to imagine how to hard manage reliable, high-available, fault-tolerance and agile system without containers. Containers are building blocks of every modern infrastructure. But they need to be managed by the orchestration system.

Last.Backend provides for your infrastructure it's own open-source container orchestration system, based on modern open-source technologies like VxLAN, IPVS, Container, and container images runtime, and othersTo build containers and test source code, Last.Backend provided for you an integrated CI/CD system with predefined plugins and pipelines.

That type of development process throw test and build after each commit extremely increase code quality, reduce issue discovery and resolve time and speed up development in common.

For saving your time in common apps and services deployments, Last.Backend has its own integrated templating system. All templates can be applied as deployed apps in one click. So you don't need to waste your time to manage popular services like cache, databases, queues, and others.

Build, deploy and scale on any infrastructure

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How Last.Backend can be helpful for your business

The Last.Backend platform delivers immediate value to your business by reducing the infrastructure and maintenance costs of supporting your existing applications while accelerating your time to market for new solutions.


faster application cycles


Infrastructure costs savings


Faster time to market

And a lot of other benefits, like:

  • Apps and code quality increasing
  • Operations are more efficiently
  • Business processes improvements

How Last.Backend differentiate from competitors

Kubernetes Red-Hat Openshift Last.Backend
container orchestration platform kubernetes management platform Container-based Cloud
container orchestration own orchestration system kubernetes based system own orchestration system
overlay network different third parties solutions openshift SDN vxlan built-in own solution
load-balancing IPVS, IPtables IPVS IPVS
images registry - partial integration built-in
templates registry - - built-in
secret storage - - built-in
CI/CD system - - built-in
infrastructure - AWS AWS, MS Azure, DO + others providers
service self-hosted Openshift online Dedicated self-hosted Public cloud Dedicated cloud self-hosted
support community Red-Hat, Community Last.Backend team, Community

Last.Backend is a end-2-end solution, you can start using in minutes.

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Spend more time for coding, not for managing infrastructure
Automate DevOps processes for your infrastructure. Deliver your code faster, automatically and globally without fails. Containers and container management system allows you spend more time for your product and minimal for infrastructure. Last.Backend helps you build modern, smart and automated infrastructure in few clicks on top of your favorite cloud.