Get ready-to-go infrastructure for your ideas

Public cloud is the best choice to be your next favorite infrastructure. Stop wasting your time with operations.

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What Last.Backend can give you

Last.Backend is a set of products and technologies, based on container technologies.

Ready to go infrastructure

Last.Backend container clusters are already prepared and available for your apps across the globe.

You can start with your repo, or start with one-click apps templates. No more manual VPS provision, googling for service configuration.

All is ready for a quick start.

Build and deploy automation out of the box

Connect repo in your preferred version control system and get powerful automated test system for your application.

Setup build and deploy rules in a few lines of .yml configuration and forget about for a while - all will be working in the background after each commit.

No more manual testing or manual deploy operations - let Last.Backend do this for you.

Container registry on board

You don't need external or self-hosted service for storing you container images anymore. Last.Backend public cloud includes a secure container registry for your apps.

Just a few lines of build pipeline configuration and you get automated container images builds, or you can use it from terminal in a traditional way.

Geo-distributed clusters

If you are building an application for a specific country, you can select closes to your uses container cluster for deployments.

Last.Backend now supports multiple geo-distributed cluster locations and trying to attach more in near future.

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How Last.Backend can be helpful

Instant painless automated infrastructure for your ideas is a good place to start. Focus on the code. Let Last.Backend take care of operations and others.


Ready-to-go infrastructure
Last.Backend public cloud uses multiple geo-distributed container platform clusters, which are always ready to use.

Last.Backend team is always scaling its own infrastructure to provide high-availability and fault-tolerance system across the globe.
CI/CD system
Last.Backend CI/CD system is already integrated with popular VSC systems like github, gitlab, bitbucket, so you can connect your repo in one click and start using an automated pipeline right now.

You can forget about using tons of different services around your apps and focus on development.
Web UI and CLI
The public cloud provides a web interface and CLI to manage your apps. You can choose what to use as you prefer. The powerful interface has built-in manifest editor and logs streaming features, so you can customize your deployments as you need.

Integrated log streaming feature allows you to get all runtime information about apps in real-time without connecting to nodes.
Public cloud is managed and hosted by Last.Backend team. That means that your infrastructure is always under control, so you don't need to worry about it.

Our team is always ready to solve any problem occurs with infrastructure and always happy to help you with any question.
Template system
Any modern app needs a set of services, like database, cache, queue or something else. That's why we have a template system and catalog of ready to go apps, which you can deploy just in 1 click.

This system allows you to describe your infrastructure as code and create any template as you need.
Notification system
Last.Backend knows how it is important to know what's happening with infrastructure.

Our notification system allows you to connect Slack as notification receive channel and be always in touch with your builds, tests, apps, and services.

You are only one click from your automated infrastructure

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Public cloud infrastructure

Last.Backend hosted infrastructure across globe.
Last.Backend can be deployed as self-hosted enterprise solution inside company in company's datacenter

You can always start with our open-source

Container platform

Container management technology is open-source