Move forward with optimized and automated development business process.

A flexible end-2-end solution that helps moving faster. Last.Backend dedicated cloud is infrastructure not only hosts your business apps but efficiently helps with business processes.

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How Last.Backend can be helpful for your business

The Last.Backend platform delivers immediate value to your business by reducing the infrastructure and maintenance costs of supporting your existing applications while accelerating your time to market for new solutions.


faster application cycles


Infrastructure costs savings


Faster time to market

And a lot of other benefits, like:

  • Apps and code quality increasing
  • Operations are more efficiently
  • Business processes improvements

You are only one click from your automated infrastructure

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Business processes optimization
Last.Backend end-2-end container platform provides infrastructure oriented to help organizations to be more flexible, dynamic and ultimately effective. You can describe all container platform component like, service, storage, config, volumes and routes in one file.

The platform features directed to improve collaboration, let dev team being on the same page and moving forward to the common goal — improving every element of the product and acting as fast as possible to the emerging situations and morphing requirements.
Spend more time for your products
The biggest benefit of Last.Backend from a business point of view is the speed of delivery. The automated infrastructure allows you to forget about operations routine tasks and free time to more important things.

Combination of automation and thorough testing drastically charges the pace while lessening the overall workload.

Basically, it means faster moving in shorter steps with implemented Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. It allows to gradually implement small changes that contribute to the whole.

Installation options

Last.Backend platform can be used in different options, like:

Hosted and managed by Last.Backend

Obtain your own hosted Container cluster on infrastructure managed by Last.Backend team.

Self-Hosted solution

Last.Backend team can install and setup container cluster on your infrastructure and manage it for you.

Opensource version

You can install Last.Backend by yourself whenever you want, according to installation docs and manage it by your resources.


Ready-to-go infrastructure
Last.Backend dedicated cloud uses multiple geo-distributed container platform clusters, which are always ready to use.

Last.Backend team is always scaling its own infrastructure to provide high-availability and fault-tolerance system across the globe.
CI/CD system
Last.Backend CI/CD system is already integrated with popular VSC systems like github, gitlab, bitbucket, so you can connect your repo in one click and start using an automated pipeline right now.

You can forget about using tons of different services around your apps and focus on development.
Web UI and CLI
The dedicated cloud provides a web interface and CLI to manage your apps. You can choose what to use as you prefer. The powerful interface has built-in manifest editor and logs streaming features, so you can customize your deployments as you need.

Integrated log streaming feature allows you to get all runtime information about apps in real-time without connecting to nodes.
Public cloud is managed and hosted by Last.Backend team. That means that your infrastructure is always under control, so you don't need to worry about it.

Our team is always ready to solve any problem occurs with infrastructure and always happy to help you with any question.
Template system
Any modern app needs a set of services, like database, cache, queue or something else. That's why we have a template system and catalog of ready to go apps, which you can deploy just in 1 click.

This system allows you to describe your infrastructure as code and create any template as you need.
Notification system
Last.Backend knows how it is important to know what's happening with infrastructure.

Our notification system allows you to connect Slack as notification receive channel and be always in touch with your builds, tests, apps, and services.

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