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Templates system with public templates catalog gives you the fastest way to deploy everything that you need

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About template system

Last.Backend Templates helps you manage applications in your infrastructure. Template charts help you define, install, and upgrade even the most complex containerized application. It's easy to create, version, share, and publish them. Stop using the copy-and-paste, save charts online.
Template system preview
Start using Last.Backend template system and have a text-based snapshot of your infrastructure.
Configuration as code
Unite .yml easy-to-read configuration file. You can describe all container platform component like, service, storage, config, volumes and routes in one file.

Go-based template functional available for scripting and build complex templates with dependencies.
Saved configuration
Saved configuration for commonly used services and applications. Describe once - deploy when you need.

No more remember how to run a particular service, and which envs, configs, and args you need to use to run it.
Templates catalog
Search a service you need for your apps in public catalog, or start with jumpstart services.

Our team provides you apps templates are commonly used today in different projects. Add your own to the collection.
Access control
Mark particular templates as private for you or your team. Save a lot of time for your teammates.

Create ACL rules and custom sharing options with web interface or CLI.

Built-in features

Private templates
Save your personal templates to use it later for instant deploy.
One-click apps and services
Built-in catalog with public templates from other devs
Manage Complexity
Create custom complex templates using go-template syntax and built-in editor
Easy updates
Apply new version of template in one click, using namespace apply.

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Last.Backend Template system pricing

Template system is free for use as well as for public templates and as for private templates too.