Opensource system for building, testing and analyzing container images

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Start using Last.Backend images registry and automate image build, test and analyze.
Our easy-to-use dashboard panel and CLI let you spend more time coding and less time managing your infrastructure.
Registry system preview
Build from GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab
Build images from source code from your preffered version control system using custom build rules and custom images tags. Using control-plane as management system and its integration with GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab allows create auto-build after each commit or pull-request.
Build History and metrics
Registry stores all information about each build. You can see build logs and images metrics on each build anytime. Real-time logs also available during build. Concurent builds within specific image tag allows build multiple images on different available build hosts.
Genesis integration
Build images for private store or make it public to the world. Create ACL rules and custom sharing options with control-plane UI or CLI. Deployment templates you can create in control-plane make available custom one-click deployment solution specified for particular image and specific configuration.
Deep integration with popular CVS system allows create images from source code in few clicks. One click integration and simple form is prepared to extremely fast start.
Build Scheduling
Internal build queue system allows use resources in smart way. Internal scheduler consider which build and where should be executed in workers cluster, based on capacity and current workload.
Build Versioning
Create different version using internal trigger system. Create multiple versions of container image from one repository based on trigger rules. Select specific container image version to be as default in repo.
Access controll
ACL system allows to share builded repository to different users, or to create public image, available to use outside Last.Backend. Create custom access with different permissions.
Organization repositories
Create organization repositories available to teammates in your organization. Build container images from organization account of CVS. Distribute repositories to others organizations.
Workers Management
Registry operates with workers, deployed on different cluster nodes, collect metrics and current workload. Labeling workers allows to specify build to specific workers.