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Last.Backend products and technologies help teams develop and deliver apps faster and efficiently.

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Last.Backend mission.

The mission of the Last.Backend team is to help developers implement their ideas faster and efficiently. Every day, hundreds of thousands of developers create unique products that help people around the world. We want these ideas to be realized as quickly as possible. Therefore, we made the end-2-end container ecosystem.

Last.Backend is a set of technologies and products for building, testing, and deploying applications. It automates the entire development process from a code commit to a deployed app in production.

Container management solution

Last.Backend platform can be used in different options, like:

Public cloud

Easiest way to build, test, deploy and scale apps right now.

Prepared and ready-to-go infrastructure provided and supported by Last.Backend team.

Focus on code, we'll take care about infrastructure

Dedicated cloud

Dedicated ready-to-go single-tenant, high-available infrastructure with Last.Backend technology on board.

Managed and supported by Last.Backend team service.

Accelerate your apps development and delivery.

Self-Hosted cluster

Build, deploy, manage and scale containerized applications on your own infrastructure.

You can connect personal cluster to Last.Backend control panel to additional automation and more.

Public cloud and Dedicated cloud are managed and hosted by Last.Backend team

What's under the hood

Last.Backend is multi-component solution. It is a set of integrated mini-products in on platform.
Last.Backend can be deployed as self-hosted enterprise solution inside company in company's datacenter

Last.Backend features


Last.Backend built with modern open-source technologies, like OCI container runtime, container images storage and key-value database.

The main last.backend container orchestration system is open-sources and located on github here.


Last.Backend automate all steps in development pipeline from code commit, build and test source code, build container image and deploy container app to infrastructure.

This automation highly increases dev and delivery speed.


Last.Backend team is 24/7 looking for system high-availability, from public cloud service to dedicated clouds.

The professional, who build this system, always ready and happy to help with any question and problem.


Last.Backend is built by components principles, which allows users to choose component they really need to use in their pipeline.

You can use Last.Backend components or change them to yours.


Last.Backend uses all features provided by container technology.

Platform automate full container management process from build to deploy and scale.


Last.Backend cloud services provided ready-to-go high-available infrastructure for your apps.

Infrastructure is provided for Last.Backend from our partners around the world.

You can use all of them or select definitely needed for you.

Common Use-Cases

There is a million ways of Last.Backend usage in your project. The common are described below. The main benefits you get from Last.Backend usage are: development and delivery speed acceleration, fault-tolerance and high-availability system, reduce cloud and hosting costs and more right now without spending hundreds of hours for development and operations.
Automate build, test and delivery your apps
Build, test and delivery systems are very helpful for teams. They are instantly increasing development speed and make it simplier.

Last.Backend has built-in CI/CD system and container images registry that covers all steps in CI/CD pipeline.

Using Last.Backend you have automated system for your pipeline out of the box.
Microservices and containerized apps
Microservices architecture for modern apps provides a lot of benefits per standard monolithic application such us: simple scaling, high availability and fault-tolerance. But there is a few cons of using it: microservices management is not so simple in deploy and managing.

Last.Backend is a great solution for microservices application architecture. It automates all processes of assembling and delivering microservices as a containerized applications.

Using Last.Backend, developers can focus on creating microservices, without wasting time on maintenance.
Hybrid and cloud-agnostic infrastructure
The modern apps should be scalable and cloud-agnotic. Containerization technology with Last.Backend container orchestration platform provides you the best way to get cloud-agnostic system on any cloud or hosting provider you prefer.

You can migrate across clouds or/and run copies of your apps across globe on different cloud/hosting providers in few clicks.

Last.Backend loves and respect open-source

Container platform

Container management technology is open-source

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