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Continuous integration

Last.Backend CI/CD system connects your code with your infrastructure.

Pipelines are configured with a simple, easy‑to‑read file that should be in your git repository. Each Pipeline step is executed as isolated pod inside public cloud container cluster.
Configuration as a code
Pipelines are configured with a simple, easy‑to‑read file that you commit to your git repository.

Each Pipeline step is executed inside an isolated pod in Last.Backend cluster as job.
Plugin templates
Built in catalog of public and private pipeline step templates saves a lot of time for build configuration.

Create your own pipeline step, save and share it to community, or make it private. Your choice, your rules.
Services and specific environment
The CI/CD system use Last.Backend container platform. That means that you can configure additional containerized services for your build.

Each service is containerized application running in pod and can be described in pipeline like any service in container platform.

What's included?

Continuous integration is the right way for repid high-quality code delivery.
  • Quick setup
  • Realtime build logs
  • Pull request support
  • Custom services available
  • Custom notifications
  • Auto deploy on passing builds

Built-in features

Language-agnostic support
Last.Backend works with any language, database or service that runs inside a Docker container.

You can use thousands of public Docker images or provide your own.
Choose the CPU/RAM you need
Easily configure your resources (compute/memory) to best fit your team’s needs for specific builds.

If your builds need a specific type of resources like GPU - just contact us.
Simple Configuration
It's easy to configure your build pipeline. Easy-to-read yml file can be written in few minutes for any complex app.

If your build need some additional services, like DB, Cache or other, you can choose from thousands of Docker images for auto-provision your environment.
Container images support
Run any image from container’s public/private registry or other common registries, customizable on a per-job basis.

Pipelines contain a specific optional step to build your own container images.
Isolated builds
Every build runs in an isolated Pod inside container management cluster. That provide you full isolation from other builds in the system.

As an additional option, your builds can be scheduled to your own cluster on your infrastructure.
Notification system
Last.Backend has built-in integration with notification systems like Slack. Just select needed channel and each build result will be send to you.

Notification system is flexible, so you can setup additional notification rules.

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Last.Backend CI/CD Pricing

Last.Backend CI/CD platform is free for start.


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  • High availability
  • Common queue
  • Prepared infrastructure
  • Support


Obtain personal dedicated build workers.

Starts at 25$/m

  • High availability
  • Custom resource types
  • Unlimited parallelism
  • Premium support

Working on a personal or small team project? Get started free with CI/CD common queue.

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