Automate devops via powerful control-plane solution

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Start using Last.Backend genesis and move your development to the next level.
Our easy-to-use dashboard panel and CLI let you spend more time coding and less time managing your infrastructure.
Genesis system preview
Global controller
The control plane controller is cluster management solution, watches all states of provided cluster and registries, generates fail-over requirements and executes prepared hooks, based on cluster or registry state. Controller watch model allows to be in touch with all connected cluster and registries
Multiple Clusters and Registries Management
Connect to genesis different cluster or registries on different cloud providers and manage all from one place with UI or CLI. You can easilly create a new cluster or registry inside controll plane and it will be automatically connected and managed by global controller.
Monitoring and Notification system
Be in touch with your apps via our smart notification system. You’ll never miss any important event. Supports slack. Hipchat and stride will come soon, just ping us.
Automate your DevOps
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One control point
Manage all Last.Backend products from one place with UI or CLI. Prepared forms and ready to go templates helps you create simple or complex infrastructure in few clicks.
User friendly UI without complex forms. Simple and clean interface with all necessary buttons to build, deploy and manage your apps in the right way 

Triggers automation
Automate and create continuous integration and continuous delivery operation with triggers. Combine triggers and build infrastructure pipelines with custom logic.
Notification system, based on triggers helps you be always in touch. Connect Slack, or use emails as preferred notification channel. You’ll never miss any important event.
Access management
Provide access to workspaces or repositories with custom access rules. Share container images or cluster resources to colleagues in team or whole organization.
Organization support
Create organization and provide access to organization cluster resources. Build and deploy internal organization applications. Create different environments for separated teams and much more.