Last.Backend For individual developers

Instant ready to-go automated infrastructure for your ideas

Have no time to manage servers? - try Last.Backend platform

Last.Backend is a perfect solution to build and host your applications. All is already prepared for you.

Deploy with Git or Docker

With Last.Backend you can use your favourites tools to deploy, without spending time to learn new. If you familiar with Docker and already using docker in your apps - just push docker image to Last.Backend and it will deploy it for you.

If you like to use GitHub/BitBucket/GitLab or other git VCS - you can connect your repo for automated builds.

Just in a few clicks - you will get modern automated container cloud infrastructure.

Need dev environment for prototyping or testing something?

Yeah... Create account, and you’ll get it. Create dev/test environment with 1 click. Select needed resources and that’s all.

Upload your test app or prototype, connect domain and enjoy. With Last.Backend platform it is easy to test new features or make some experiments.

Various types of technologies

Last.Backend is supporting a lot of different types of technologies. No matter what language you’re prefer to use, Last.Backend is a solution for you.

You can build any containerized technology you what and deploy it. If you’re usingg something rare - ping us, we’ll find a best solution for you.

Our team is always online to help you with your setup. Ping us if you have any questions.

If we can help you - this is the best motivation for us ever...