Move forward with optimized and automated development business process

A flexible end-2-end solution that helps moving faster

How Last.Backend can be helpful for your business

The Last.Backend platform delivers immediate value to your business by reducing the infrastructure and maintenance costs of supporting your existing applications while accelerating your time to market for new solutions.

Business processes optimization

Last.Backend end-2-end container platform provides infrastructure oriented to help organizations to be more flexible, dynamic and ultimately effective. You can describe all container platform component like, service, storage, config, volumes and routes in one file.

The platform features directed to improve collaboration, let dev team being on the same page and moving forward to the common goal — improving every element of the product and acting as fast as possible to the emerging situations and morphing requirements.

Spend more time for your products

The biggest benefit of Last.Backend from a business point of view is the speed of delivery. The automated infrastructure allows you to forget about operations routine tasks and free time to more important things.

Combination of automation and thorough testing drastically charges the pace while lessening the overall workload.

Basically, it means faster moving in shorter steps with implemented Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. It allows to gradually implement small changes that contribute to the whole.

Last.Backend installation options, designed for different kinds of companies

The Last.Backend platform is very flexible and can be provided in different options, described below. But we can create unique installation option for you by request.

Hosted and managed by Last.Backend team on dedicated infrastructure

Obtain your own dedicated container base cluster on dedicated infrastructure prepared special for your company. Our engineers will prepare all from servers to monitoring and notification systems.

Your company can select your favorite hosting or cloud provider, our team take devops process.

Self-Hosted Last.Backend hybrid or dedicated enterprise solution

Your company can obtain full Last.Backend platform installation “in-house”. Our team can help with integration with common company services you use, can help with monitoring and loggin setup.

In that case - your company will have your own custom Last.Backend solution inside.

last.backend’s mission is to help companies like yours integrate awesome products in our life as faster as possible

If we can help you with this - this is the best motivation for us ever...