Opensource system for deploying, scaling and management containers

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Start using Last.Backend container orchestration system and automate container management
Simple setup on any cloud allows you forget about devops problems and spend more time for your products.
Genesis system preview
Orchestration engine
Pods management system design optimizes the utilization of resources like CPU and memory through containers, which allow for efficient distributions of applications across a cluster of nodes. Multiple scheduling model included allows implement various deployment models.
Any-size clusters
Our design principles allows you to create cluster of any size, from 1-2 hosts to thousands nodes in different cloud providers. Runtime loop with scheduling system will manage them as well. If you have any improvements or ideas, send us PR and system will be more powerful.
Network model
Last.Backend cluster network model based on VxLan overlay network, where each pod have an personal IP, registered in discovery service. LodBalancing is build with IPVS technology with unique cluster IP for each published service.
Scheduling system
Cluster controller watches cluster state and manages available resources in smart way. It distributes pods and volumes on available resources according provided rules and strategies.
Ingress controller
Cluster powered up with ingress server, based on auto-configured HAproxy inside. You don’t need thinking about additional proxy for external traffic routing.
Load Balancing & DNS
Included service discovery mechanism allows use single DNS name for service. With powerful IPVS based load balancing provide simple and smart load balanced access to distributed containers access cluster.
Horizontal Scaling
Horizontal and vertical scaling in automatic or manual ways. Create triggers and scaling points and forget about highload - just go have fun.
Restarts apps that fail, replaces and reschedules containers when nodes die, kills containers that don’t respond to your user-defined health check.
VxLAN overlay networks provided in the box combine hundreds and thousands of containers in one network, where every pod has unique IP and local dns name, you can use.