Build, deploy and manage containerized apps

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Affordable, simple and predictable pricing
You always know what you’ll pay for. Monthly plans and flat pricing across all products.
$ 15 / month
  • manage resources up to 15 GB
  • organization -
$ 30 / month
  • manage resources up to 45 GB
  • organization +
$ 50 / month
  • manage resources up to 75 GB
  • organization +
Additional GB of connected resources: 1$/m
All plans include
Continuous Integration
Build your containers in response to git pushes: GitHub, BitBucket, Gitlab and others.
Continuous Delivery
Deploy your containers after successful build.
30-Day Free Trial
Your first 30 days are free on Last.Backend. Test it out and start building and deploy containers!
Public Repositories
Provide a public download page for your container. The best part, they’re free!
Trigger system
Create custom triggers to manage scaling, deployments and other cool things
Teams and organization
Teams can collectively have access to manage specific repositories on your account.
SSL Encryption
Transit between Quay and your servers is secured automatically.
Logging & Metrics
Logging, Metrics and Events available to know how it is going on.
Invoice History
Download past invoices for your billing team or purchasing department.
Is credit card required for test?
No, credit card is not required to test Last.Backend. You need to add credit card only if you need to change free plan to non-free.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal and some additional payment types supported by our payment system partner. For additional payment options, please contact us.
Will taxes be included in my monthly invoice?
Yes, if you live in Canada, India, or the EU. For more information you can contact us too.
Can I be billed using my local currency?
Last.Backend will continue to bill in USD. This allows our pricing to remain stable and consistent, rather than fluctuating with exchange rates.
Can I change my plan?
Yes, you can change your plan at any time and your account will be pro-rated for the difference. For large organizations, Last.Backend offers unlimited users and repos and managed resources limits.
Do you offer special plans for business or academic institutions?
Please contact us at our support email address to discuss the details of your organization and intended usage.
Can I use Last.Backend for free?
Yes! We offer unlimited storage and serving of public repositories. We strongly believe in the open source community and will do what we can to help!