THE EASIEST WAY TO Build & Deploy apps from

Build and deploy apps
Build apps

Build apps

The Assembly process runs in the background on dedicated servers that allows you to save time and resources

Deploy apps

Run apps

Deploy apps on your favorite clouds like Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure, AWS or private servers in few clicks.


Build & Deploy apps automatically

Automate builds across all your GitHub and Bitbucket repos with web hooks on commit and pull request.

After build Last.Backend can automatically deploy your apps to last.backend shared, dedicated or personal cluster.

See what’s happening across all your builds via full Build History and Real-time Build Logs.

Build and deploy apps automatically

Add any services what your app needs

Add to your app stack databases, cache, queue and more.

Public services

Get notified & Motitor

On every Build or Deployment we will send a notification using your favorite communication channels.


Run your applications in cluster in one click

Last.Backend is a cloud platform based on a managed container system with a pack of features for deploy your applications anywhere.

You can use shared cluster, obtain dedicated or connect personal.

Microsoft Azure
Own host
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