Last.Backend open-source container management platform

The open-source container management system with service discovery, overlay networks and more.

Last.backend container management platform is designed to be standalone product, you can use on your servers

Container platform is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It contains a set of technologies like: container scheduling, service discovery, overlay network, container runtime, container images runtime, load-balancing and more. All of these technologies provided out of the box and don't requiring additional research and setup.

Last.Backend platform

Platform componens

REST API component is entrypoint for cluster management state
State contoroller manages cluster state - creates pods, volumes, routes and handle it’s state across full lifecycle
Resources scheduler manages resources and cluster nodes capacity
Ingress proxy server is a manages connectivity from external network to internal overlay network
IPVS-based loadbalancer handles internal traffic between pods containers
Node agent handles all node based entities - from containers, secrets to volumes. Agent manages IPVS rules and overlay network state.
All applications in platform are available by internal domain name. Service discovery is like an internal DNS server for applications.
Logs collector in a single place for all cluster containers logs. It can export data to external log storage, outside cluster
Metrics collector collect all metrics data across all entites in the cluster. It also can export data to external time-series storage

competitors comparison

Kubernetes Red-Hat Openshift Last.Backend
container orchestration platform kubernetes management platform Container-based Cloud
container orchestration own orchestration system kubernetes based system own orchestration system
overlay network different third parties solutions openshift SDN vxlan built-in own solution
load-balancing IPVS, IPtables IPVS IPVS
images registry - partial integration built-in
templates registry - - built-in
secret storage - - built-in
CI/CD system - - built-in
infrastructure - AWS AWS, MS Azure, DO + others providers
service self-hosted Openshift online Dedicated self-hosted Public cloud Dedicated cloud self-hosted
support community Red-Hat, Community Last.Backend team, Community

Last.Backend container platform has a lot of features like self-healing, overlay networks, extendable runtime and others to be a modern container solution

Container management platform is designed to be extendable and to support different container technologies, different persistent storage support. Our team will be very glad to receive feedback, bugs or feature requests. This is very helpful for us team to make this solution more stable and more powerful for realizing your ideas.