High Perfomance
Dedicated Cloud

With Last.Backend Dedicated Cloud, you'll never
share resources with another customer.

Hight-Perfomance hosting

Fast CPUs, enterprise SSD storage, world-class
datacenters and network.

Deploy in seconds

Deploy apps via one command "$ git push"
or automatically from git repositories.

Docker integration

Turn all of your git repositories into containers
using our platform. Build containers for every
commit, automatically.

Dedicated cloud

Last.Backend commercial solutions provide an out of the box PaaS
that gives IT Ops teams security and control over their enviroment,
while enabling developers to build applications in a self service way.

With a clear separation of concerns and robust tooling, organizations
are able to innovate faster, reduce costs and ensure security.

Last.Backend Dedicated Cloud is available in 9
locations worldwide spanning North US and West Europe

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