Last.Backend brand assets

yes, we prepared some brand assets for you

Our brand is an our vision of cloud computed future, is our team, and our mission. Here are some assets you can use when talking about Last.Backend

The main idea of the logo - is hexagon - this element is often in use when some backend element needs to be draw on infrastructure scheme


The Last.Backend Logo can be used in black or white. The black and white logos have cut out Ts so that the color behind is seen.

Our logo should only be placed on top of a black, white, grey, or photo background. Always leave plenty of white space around the logo. Please don’t alter the Last.Backend logo in any way. Thanks!

When to use full or mark logo

Full logo: Use the full logo when speaking with an audience that isn’t very familiar with Drift.

Logo mark: You’re welcome to use the logo mark when you’re speaking to an audience that already knows Drift.

Our primary font is proxima nova in bold, extrabold for headlines and light types for secondary lines

our primary color are black and white on main site like default terminal colors