Last.Backend is good as for individual developes as for BIG it companies

Look how devs use last.backend right now

Case studies of Last.Backend usage by different company size

Last.Backend is pretty good compatible for different kind of developers, from individual developers to big companies with multiple dev teams

Individual developers

If you are an individual developer you can easily run your apps without servers setup. Just click and go deploy. Don’t waste your time to useless tasks like vps provision - Last.Backend provides for you modern container based infrastructure. All is already prepared for you and ready for use.

Startups, early-stage companies and individual teams

The one of the important part of success in startups and early-stage companies - is time to market. With Last.Backend platform you can save a lot of time - up to 35% of the product developing time. You can investing it into product development, marketing or hypotizes testing.

You don’t need to have high-quality devops ingineer on board to get fault-tolerance, scalable and geo distributed system. Create account and you’ll have it.

Last.Backend is also a startup and we know by ourself how to important to be as fast as we can. We hope our platform can help with it for you.

Mid/Enterprise companies

The platform features directed to improve collaboration, let dev team being on the same page and moving forward to the common goal — improving every element of the product and acting as fast as possible to the emerging situations and morphing requirements.

Make your dev and ops processes clear and optimized. Our platform delivers immediate value to your business by reducing the infrastructure and maintenance costs of supporting your existing applications while accelerating your time to market for new solutions.

Last.Backend solutions by different technical case studies

No matter what type of application you develop. Last.Backend is a good partner on the infrastructure side.

Landings and static pages

If you need to deploy static website fast and see result - just push it. It’s easy. Last.Backend has special container image for this with all setup.

Add domain and setup custom routes for testing conversions or other params on different pages on different landings.

Traditional apps

Build, test and deploy your traditional apps with our platform. You don’t need to setup CI/CD pipeline - it is already wating for your source code.

We have amny examples to rapid start. With our CI system, you can test a different complex solution you build. After successful build, your app will be deployed onto particular prepared environment.

Select technology you’re use on application create page and that’s all. If your apps required a special build or test scenarios - you can checkout our examples and guides.

You can always ask us for help! Our team is happy to help.

Mobile apps and games

Last.Backend is a good solution for host mobile backends four your applications and games. You and your backend team can create dev/test or prod environments for your applications on our infrastructure.

Connect repo or push repo, select domain name and that’s all. Your mobile app or game can access your backend services, and you save a lot of time on inrasftucture preparation.

Finance and trading systems

Financial and trading services need for stable, fault-tolerance and performance infrastructure. In the common cases - that type of companies prefer to host all their apps on their infrastructure.

That’s ok! You can setup Last.Backend container orchestration platform on your servers and connect it to our platform for managing. We have a different options for these types of Last.Backend usage.

Contact us in chat or email and we will find a prefect solution for your product.


If you are running a new internet-shop - you can use Last.Backend platform for it. Create database in few clicks, run cache layer in few clicks. Build and deploy your shop in multiple environments.

With Last.Backend you can start selling goods today and forget about infrastructure problems for a long time. Ping us in chat - and we will help you with your setup.

Your customers are wating for you.

Cloud agnostic system

Last.Backend paltform is cloud agnostic platform. Your applications are packed in a highly portable form-factor that allows them to readily migrate fomr one cloud to the another cloud without pain.

If you are building backend application with Last.Backend, your backend can be run with the same success on dedicated infrastructure, VPSs or in cloud or your laptop.

Continuous integration and delivery

Continuous integration pipline with continuous delivery extrimelly increase applications quality and help faster delivery your code to infrastructure.

Last.Backend platform has built-in CI/CD pipelines in the box. Our team prepared a special high-quality infrastructure for your builds and tests.

Last.Backend build system looks simple, but it is is very powerful and flexible. It supports a lot of different options and cases. Check it by yourself.

Microservices - the right way to build modern distributed apps

Microservices it seems is the prefect way to build distributed complex apps faster. But if you are using this paradigm in the your backend architecture, you need a good solution for manage them.

Last.Backend with containers is that platform that you needs. It supports to manage hundreds or thouthands containers and services on one infrastucture.

Bulid and test your microservices and autodeploy them. You can see all states of your micro-apps on our dashboard or in CLI. It is very userfriendly and simple.

Our team is always online to help you with your setup. Ping us if you have any questions.