What is Last.Backend?

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Last.Backend mission overview.
Last.Backend is a company build tools of system for developers. Our mission is to make developers life simle. We are exited about container technology and companies driving it. Big thanks them for this great job. Our team is trying to give developers and devops alternative tools for helps them work with containers.
Last.Backend ecosystem architecture overview.
Last.Backend Scheme
Common Use-Cases
There are a million ways you can use Last.Backend for. The common are below. Using containers, you can efficiently increase development speed, reduce cloud costs and get powerful, fault-tolerance infrastructure right now, without spending thousends of hours for development and operations
Create automated CI/CD for infrastructure
Automate all processes from code to running apps in the cloud if few simple steps. Integration the cutting the edge technologies provides you efficient modern infrastructure, you need to create apps faster then ever. Building custom piplines processes increases development speed and reduce mistakes in operations.
Cloud-Agnostic or Hubrid cloud infrastructure
Modern apps need to be portable and cloud agnostic. Using multiple Last.Backend clusters allows you use different cloud or hosting together, with portability and smooth migration. You can run copy of your app on another cloud or the same cloud in another geo location in few clicks. With Dynamic Proxy it is possible to distribute your apps globally without problems.
Micoservices and containerized infrastructure
Container technology is the right way to make a modern apps. Using microservices architecture, allow you create scalable and real fault-tolerance system. But that type of apps need to be orchestrated, and there is Last.Backend for that. Split your system to microservices and scale it for hudreds or thousangs containers easilly with control-plane.

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